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Where Is Turnip Troll,
and Other Stories from Lapland

With eleven children in the Troll family - not to mention a dog, a horse,
a couple of cats, and a pet reindeer - even everyday life is an adventure.
Come along with the Troll children as they enjoy nature, celebrate holidays,
make new friends, and learn about life! Spend a year in Lapland with Turnip,
Tick-Tack and the others during the darkless nights of summer, when the sun
floats above the horizon at midnight, and the long winter nights, when the
frost tightens its grip and the northern lights dance across the sky.
Life on the other side of the Arctic Circle awaits you!

Ten stories, ten adventures - one for each child in the Troll family (Turnip and
Ticklish, the two smallest
children, share the starring role in the first story):

Where Is Turnip Troll?
A Bevy of Easter Witches and Their Cat (for Jonathan)
The May Day Balloons
The Girl-King (for Emily)
The Dream of Wooden Horses (for Nora)
The Dancing Haystacks
The Old Wooden Bucket
First Snow
Winter (for Robert Steven Lohner)

Both children and adults will enjoy these stories.
Learn about Finnish
culture and the unspoiled nature of Lapland!

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Front cover
Ulla Etto